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Review: BlackBerry Review

Company: BlackBerry Posted: Oct 10, 2017

As someone who was in QA, I did not really enjoy the job. However, as it was my first co-op term - this was understandable. I did enjoy the...

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Review: Electrical Engineering Technologist-Right of Way and TS maintenance

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc. Posted: Oct 09, 2017

Training of various software and exposure to how the transmission of electricity worked. Arranging resources for maintenance work in Transmission...

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Review: Overall Decent Experience

Company: SNC-Lavalin Posted: Sep 25, 2017

Was hired as for a "geotechnical engineering coop" position but did work of a technician for the entire time. First few months gave good experience...

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Review: Highly Recommend

Company: SaskPower Posted: Sep 21, 2017

The type of work that I was doing on this co-op placement, was assisting Transmission Line Engineers. What I liked best about this co-op placement...

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Review: Hydro Ottawa Co-Op Review

Company: Hydro Ottawa Ltd. Posted: Sep 19, 2017

There were many projects to work on and always chalenging work to be done. They were also very organised and project managers were competent and...

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