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Review: Great team and company to work for

Company: Bird Construction Company Posted: Oct 19, 2017

Being able to gain experience working in a professional environment prior to graduation was extremely useful. I remember being very nervous...

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Review: Work!

Company: Pioneer Construction Inc. Posted: Oct 19, 2017

Working for Pioneer for a summer was definitely a memorable experience. With my time at Pioneer I was assigned to assist with Quality Control on...

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Review: I enjoyed my time there and was a great experience with a lot of new but nice people to learn and help you and I would do it again

Company: Electrical Contacts Limited Posted: Oct 18, 2017

I enjoyed how challenging it was and interesting because it was always something new and not repetitive and I like how much they explained things...

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Review: Summer Co-op Student

Company: EllisDon Corporation Posted: Sep 11, 2017

I was working with the field engineers addressing conflicts that came up on site between the design and site conditions. I loved the inclusiveness...

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