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Great Internship

The company culture is great! I learned the full accounting cycle and had great leadership to teach me new tasks each week. This internship helped build on the accounting principals we learn in school and will be a valuable experience to grow my career in business.


Nexen Energy ULC

Great Industry Experience

I was tasked with valuable work and got to work on exciting new plays and assets. Useful experience that has helped me land positions with other companies after graduation. The team was excellent, always willing to help me and teach me if I wanted to learn more about a certain aspect of the group.


RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Client Advisor

I was working as a Client Advisor being the first point of contact for clients! I have always loved to work with people, so the CA role fit me perfectly. There is no shortage of unique day-to-day activities. Every day was spent learning something new and acquiring new knowledge. Everyone that I worked with is supportive and easy to get along with so I felt comfortable coming to work right away. I have a very long list as to the how and why I would recommend RBC to other students!


TD Bank

Fall Co-op

Loved working with my colleagues. The entire team helped me learn, grow and created opportunities for me to succeed. The setting and layout was very collaborative, anyone was willing to lend a helping hand. The work was challenging and meaningful and taught me a lot about the investment industry.