My Co-op Placement at NS Power I loved the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at NS Power. My work term was mainly virtual, and I was nervous if I would be able to meet people and work on my skills virtually. I was pleasantly surprised and was able to make connections with people both inside and outside of my department. No matter if you are a student, or an employee who has worked at the company for years, you will always feel like an equal member of the team at NS Power. I also really enjoyed the confidence my supervisor had in me when completing tasks or working with internal clients independently. 100 5 My Co-op Placement at NS Power 2020 Emera Fall Co-op Review The people by far were my favourite part of my co-op work term. Everyone was so helpful and engaging, happy to answer any of my questions and concerns, and willing to give me opportunities to assist them with any projects they were working on to expand my learning. The kind of work I did was perform the necessary check for regular HST filings, assist in the preparation of some Canadian corporate income tax filing requirements. 80 4 2020 Emera Fall Co-op Review Great Culture My favorite thing about the co-op term was the flexible schedule, and company culture. Working from home allows you to be flexible, as long as you don't have meetings you can sleep in and work your 7 hours from 9-5 instead of 8-4. 80 4 Great Culture Finance Co-op My work consisted of accounting work, journal entries, etc. My favourite thing about my co-op would have been the company culture. Everyone is so nice, I never once dealt with a rude person or had any issues with the people that I worked with. Everyone was so happy to meet with me, answer questions, and extremely welcoming. Of my three co-ops, Emera was definitely my favourite place to work. 100 5 Finance Co-op Coop Experience Working as a Business Analyst gave me the opportunity to broaden by data analytics and data management skills. I got the chance to get involved with some research activities and additional volunteering opportunities. Most of my duties were related to managing the data warehouse of the Customer solutions team and working with Tableau and Salesforce 100 5 Coop Experience