TELUS Corporation

Amazing Experience

Position title
Software Developer
Work term type
What was your monthly salary (before taxes)?
2,501 to 3,000
How long was your work term?
4 months
Work industry

Work review

With reflection, was your first day well-structured and organized? 
Very impressed
My supervisor is in a different province than me - yet she organized for multiple people to meet me and make me comfortable
Did the on-the-job training allow you to be successful in your role?
Was your work challenging and engaging?
The projects you worked on, did they give you valuable experience toward your career goals?
Skills for life
What did you like best about your internship/co-op? What type of work were you doing?

I liked being able to work at home/office whenever I wanted to - especially since my direct leaders are in other provinces it was not necessary for me to go to the office so I could relax sometimes and sleep in and not go to the office in the cold. I was doing software development on an internal website - pretty much I was adding in features and functions that users requested.

What did you like least about your internship/co-op?

The one downside is that there is no other co - op students in my entire team and the people aged closest to me are at least 10 years older than me so sometimes it felt a little awkward socializing.

Manager experience

Did your manager(s) provide you with support and coaching to be effective in your role?
All the time
Did you receive clear and actionable feedback from your manager(s) during your work term?
Did you feel comfortable asking your manager(s) questions, when needed?
Open door policy

Social experience

To what degree did the team make you feel welcome, included and valued?
Like family
My team specifically was very inclusive - I just did not get to interact with them often due to them living in various places
How often were there opportunities to participate in social activities with your colleagues?
Describe the office environment/culture.

The people are very welcoming if you talk to them and they'll often try to initiate small talk about the news or such in the lunch room. Otherwise people rarely come up to talk to you in a cubicle since you can work pretty much in any building you want and in whatever cubicle you want to. On social outings the team was very welcoming even though I was one of two females and the second youngest person there was 30.

What are the benefits/perks of working here?
Employee discounts/rewards Free coffee Social activities Work from home

Final notes

Did the internship/co-op experience match what was described in the job listing and interview?
Would you recommend this internship/co-op to a friend?
Would you work at this employer full-time if offered a job?
The job that I'm doing here isn't directly related to my field of study
Why did you choose this employer for your internship/co-op?
Reputation Work types Location
Advice to future interns applying to this company? 

Do it! I doubt you will regret it :)