My Time as a Risk Analyst Intern at TD

Position title
Fraud Risk Analyst
Work term type
What was your monthly salary (before taxes)?
2,001 to 2,500
How long was your work term?
4 months
Line of business
Risk Management
Where did the internship/co-op take place?
Toronto, Ontario
Work industry

Work review

With reflection, was your first day well-structured and organized? 
Very impressed
I was able to get all of my access and work tools almost immediately, and felt extremely welcomed and acclimated.
Did the on-the-job training allow you to be successful in your role?
Very helpful
Had it not been for my mentor and LMS training, I would have been clueless
Was your work challenging and engaging?
Loved coming to work
Yes it was, everyday posed a new challenge and there wasn't a single task I did which had me feel disengaged.
The projects you worked on, did they give you valuable experience toward your career goals?
Skills for life
I became well versed on how to avoid risk, and improved my professional skills
What did you like best about your internship/co-op? What type of work were you doing?

I most enjoyed the atmosphere on my floor. My peer mentor showed me a lot of new skills which I integrated on the job, specifically Excel and Powerpoint. He also turned out to be a close friend who I will stay in touch with forever. I led weekly task meetings, wrote reports, and conducted risk assessments. I most liked the people on my floor, and my mentor above all. Once I leave TD, it is the people who work for the bank that I will miss the most.

What did you like least about your internship/co-op?

I think while working from home has its benefits, a lot of people around me easily abused it. For some people, if they were working from home, it was almost like they didn't work at all. Other people who entirely work from home, when they would show up to work, I wouldn't know who they are and they felt completely disengaged on our floor. I think there should be more controls in place to ensure an effective WFH policy.

Manager experience

Did your manager(s) provide you with support and coaching to be effective in your role?
All the time
My peoples manager gave me so much attention and support, I cannot thank him enough.
Did you receive clear and actionable feedback from your manager(s) during your work term?
All the time
Yes, even if I did not seek it.
Did you feel comfortable asking your manager(s) questions, when needed?
Open door policy
He stayed true to the saying "there are no bad questions".
Feedback to management about the internship/co-op program: 

As I stated above, besides a more control based WFH policy, there is nothing I would change. TD is the best bank in the world to work at, and compared to my only other experience at Scotiabank, TD is ahead in banking and policy the way Tesla is ahead in the automobile industry.

Social experience

To what degree did the team make you feel welcome, included and valued?
Like family
How often were there opportunities to participate in social activities with your colleagues?
All the time
The interns on my floor ate lunch and grabbed coffee with me consistently throughout the whole term.
Describe the office environment/culture.

It is the most positive place in the world to work. Everyone knows each other and cares for each other.

What are the benefits/perks of working here?
Free coffee Free prepared meals/snacks Office games (foosball, ping pong, etc) Social activities Tickets to entertainment events

Final notes

Did the internship/co-op experience match what was described in the job listing and interview?
Just as advertised
Would you recommend this internship/co-op to a friend?
Would you work at this employer full-time if offered a job?
Why did you choose this employer for your internship/co-op?
Advice to future interns applying to this company? 

Don't think you're too cool to make friends with everyone on your floor and engage in social events, because you're not and you're missing out.