TD Bank

My co-op experience

Position title
Intern Associate
Work term type
What was your monthly salary (before taxes)?
How long was your work term?
4 months
Line of business
Work industry
Computer Science

Work review

With reflection, was your first day well-structured and organized? 
Some issues
Did the on-the-job training allow you to be successful in your role?
Was your work challenging and engaging?
The projects you worked on, did they give you valuable experience toward your career goals?
Not really
What did you like best about your internship/co-op? What type of work were you doing?

I was excited to apply and later join at TD Bank because of all the amazing experiences I have heard of.

As much as I wanted to join the co-op events in person, my work location was far. So I had to miss out on all that and can't comment much. The HR staff/recruiters were readily available to answer all of your questions/concerns.

Apart from that, I got a chance to join an amazing team with so much to learn from. My work was based on administration but it did focus on my programming skills to automate most manual process they have been doing for the past few years. All of my communication and time management skills came in handy at this role due to the liaison with various teams across TD.

To whomever reading this review, trust me, working at TD bank will be worth it (even if it's for 4 months)

Manager experience

Did your manager(s) provide you with support and coaching to be effective in your role?
Did you receive clear and actionable feedback from your manager(s) during your work term?
Did you feel comfortable asking your manager(s) questions, when needed?
Feedback to management about the internship/co-op program: 

- My team was 99% male dominant and felt they were sexist. I could be misinterpreting things.

I was afraid of raise this concern up to the HR because I thought it would effect my co-op work term.

Social experience

To what degree did the team make you feel welcome, included and valued?
How often were there opportunities to participate in social activities with your colleagues?
Describe the office environment/culture.

- They didn't have an online platform for events that were hosted in Downtown Toronto. Hence I had to miss out on all student events.

What are the benefits/perks of working here?
Flex time Free coffee Subsidized cafeteria Work from home

Final notes

Did the internship/co-op experience match what was described in the job listing and interview?
Would you recommend this internship/co-op to a friend?
Doubt it
Would you work at this employer full-time if offered a job?
Doubt it
Why did you choose this employer for your internship/co-op?