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January Co-op Review

Company: PwC Posted: Apr 19, 2020

All the co-op students were treated as regular first-year associates and was given challenging tasks. I was on every team as a first-year associate...

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Interview Experience

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Interview Difficulty

5.0 Average

Summer Assurance Associate

Job title: Summer Associate

Interview Experience: Positive
Interview Difficulty: Moderate
Interview date: Jan 2017
How did you get the interview?
Résumé application
Did you get an offer?
Application process

I attended 3 networking sessions with the firm where I got to learn about the opportunities available at PwC and meet people who worked there. I then had to submit my application online and then went through two rounds of interviews with recruiters for the firm.

Describe your interview process

The interview itself was very relaxed (despite my nerves) and allowed me to learn even more about the firm through real conversations with PwC employees.

What stages of the interview were required

Interview Type
  • One-to-one interview
  • Skills Review