Nexen Energy ULC

How to apply

Through the Nexen website. Remember to include a cover letter, your GPA, and your availability. There is a lot of competition for jobs, though, so only successful candidates will be contacted for interviews.


The company conducts annual external surveys to ensure they offer competitive compensation packages for students. Pay rate is also determined by level of education and experience.

Free gym membership 

Degrees they like

Engineering, geology, geophysics, business, commerce, finance, accounting, human resources, supply management, environmental science, occupational health and safety.

How long before you hear back, and what’ll happen when you do

Nexen uses Behavior Descriptive Interviewing (BDI), and their interview process is fully outlined on their website, so you won’t go in unprepared. Basically, they’re interested in your accomplishments, not just your personality or demeanor during the interview – so be ready to give concrete examples of past experience and successes. Afterwards, the interviewer will tell you when to expect a call back; they’ll let you know either way, which is nice. If you got the job, congratulations! Expect to undergo a thorough orientation process, and don’t worry: there are lots of resources for new hires and the company has a dedicated intranet portal just for new employees.

Best thing to say in an interview

Nexen wants you to know their company, and to know yourself. Do your research, understand the position you’re applying for, and be prepared to explain why you’re a good fit with the company.

Worst thing to say in an interview

It will show if you don’t really know much about the company, or if you’re just looking for a job rather than a career. And don’t let your first question be about the money.

Where can my career go with Nexen?

They really stand out when it comes to career development. Employees are eligible for tuition subsidies of up to 100 percent for both work-related courses and schooling related to their position. There are all kinds of financial incentives to continue your professional development and education at every stage of your career, and the company offers internal professional training programs, courses, internships, apprenticeships, and mentorship programs. Basically, they will help you stay as cutting-edge as you were when they hired you.