Fort Henry Student Internship Review

Position title
Student Intern
Work term type
What was your monthly salary (before taxes)?
How long was your work term?
2 months
Where did the internship/co-op take place?
Kingston, Ontario
Work industry

Work review

With reflection, was your first day well-structured and organized? 
Went smoothly
Did the on-the-job training allow you to be successful in your role?
Very helpful
Was your work challenging and engaging?
The projects you worked on, did they give you valuable experience toward your career goals?
Skills for life
What did you like best about your internship/co-op? What type of work were you doing?

Working at Fort Henry I definitely learned so much about marketing/advertising but I also learned so much about Canadian history while I was there. That would definitely be my favourite part. I gained so much knowledge from my internship and I also learned multiple skills within my industry that I have taken back to school with me.

What did you like least about your internship/co-op?

The long walks up to the fort!

Manager experience

Did your manager(s) provide you with support and coaching to be effective in your role?
All the time
Did you receive clear and actionable feedback from your manager(s) during your work term?
All the time
Did you feel comfortable asking your manager(s) questions, when needed?
Open door policy
Feedback to management about the internship/co-op program: 

My team leaders were very supportive and always made sure that I was busy. I never had any issues with any of the staff members.

Social experience

To what degree did the team make you feel welcome, included and valued?
Like family
How often were there opportunities to participate in social activities with your colleagues?
Describe the office environment/culture.

Fort Henry is beautiful - if you haven't visited yet you should go soon.

What are the benefits/perks of working here?
Flex time Social activities Tickets to entertainment events Volunteering day Work from home

Final notes

Did the internship/co-op experience match what was described in the job listing and interview?
Just as advertised
Would you recommend this internship/co-op to a friend?
Would you work at this employer full-time if offered a job?
Why did you choose this employer for your internship/co-op?
Recommendation Location
Advice to future interns applying to this company? 

There are many perks to doing your internship at Fort Henry. It is such a unique place to work, if you get that chance definitely take it!