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Gave valuable life skills and allowed me another side to the company business then just the services they offer. I also saw a lot of behind the scene things that people normally would not see and found everyday to be a learning experience which made this particular internship unique.
They offered lots of training and were able to help out when I had questions.

One of the best in...




I really lived the work dynamics inside the offices. No matter which branch I was working at the employees were always fun a friendly to work with! There was never a day where I was dreading seeing x coworker. Always happy to come say good morning to everyone and catch up before the morning rush would come!


Fidelity Canada

Summer Co-op Student

By far the company culture was what I liked the most. Very well organized company with a great student program. The company is investing heavily in their students' development - a lot of training. Plenty of opportunities for students to network with senior employees from all panels of the organization. Working there is a great time and by far my best internship experience.


RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Summer Analyst - Capital Markets

This role is a huge learning opportunity into capital markets functions and businesses. I recommend this role to anyone who is curious about the markets, has an open mind towards working with a diverse caliber of experts, and is up for a role that is different every day. Type of work involved:
- Preparing company research and analysis for meetings
- Building and analyzing spreads...


Rogers Communications Inc.

Business Technology Management

What I liked most about my job is that people truly cared about me as a person and about my professional growth. I loved having a voice. My manager listened to my opinions/thoughts and the whole team hears one another out and works together to make those ideas happen. We all support each other and work together to increase revenue for the organization.

I worked on:

- competiti...


TD Bank

TD is one of the best companies to work as a Co-op!

The thing I liked the most was spending time with the team and working with people and helping them out; the early talent team at TD are really good at what they do and provided plenty of opportunities to network and socialize, I had a blast. For work, I was mainly tasked with product lifecycle management. I would help a clients with applications and helped with upholding TD governance and c...


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