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Gave valuable life skills and allowed me another side to the company business then just the services they offer. I also saw a lot of behind the scene things that people normally would not see and found everyday to be a learning experience which made this particular internship unique.
They offered lots of training and were able to help out when I had questions.

One of the best in...




I really lived the work dynamics inside the offices. No matter which branch I was working at the employees were always fun a friendly to work with! There was never a day where I was dreading seeing x coworker. Always happy to come say good morning to everyone and catch up before the morning rush would come!


Fidelity Canada

Fidelity Clearing Canada Review

The company culture was something else. It was a very welcoming environment. The team I worked with was very supportive and helpful. The office caters relatively often which was really nice and there are many opportunities to learn via shadowing, in office training, and courses available to employees.


RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Great Culture, Great People, Great Place to Be.

I loved the support I received and the people around me. The work I do is always challenging, and they treat me add if I am a full time employee working there. I enjoyed going to work everyday, and I had quite the diversity of work. I've been given lots of opportunities to take on new challenges, and meet new people everyday.


Rogers Communications Inc.

Fall 2019 Co-op Review

I was very adamant about receiving responsibilities as I learn through my own actions. My manager was EXTREMELY accommodating and guided me in the right direction that taught me more than I ever thought I would learn here in just 4 months, he put me in projects and tasks that were completely foreign to me and gave me the push I needed when I didn't think I was qualified enough for the ...


TD Bank

Great Experience at TD

My manager was able to set me up with a good variety of work experiences which helped keep things interesting and allowed me to learn lots. In a nutshell, I worked on automating tasks for my team members as well as supporting some financial projects.


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