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Gave valuable life skills and allowed me another side to the company business then just the services they offer. I also saw a lot of behind the scene things that people normally would not see and found everyday to be a learning experience which made this particular internship unique.
They offered lots of training and were able to help out when I had questions.

One of the best in...



Great Internship

The company culture is great! I learned the full accounting cycle and had great leadership to teach me new tasks each week. This internship helped build on the accounting principals we learn in school and will be a valuable experience to grow my career in business.


RBC Royal Bank of Canada

A Capital Markets (and Student) Experience to Remember

Best aspects were definitely meeting the RBC teams and having ample opportunities to meet other Co-op students as well. The work includes mining datasets to retrieve insights on trades that can help out the CFG team. There's a lot of moving parts and as a Co-op, you get to participate in several of those parts to make the day-to-day happen (+ projects on the side!).


TD Bank

Risk model development

The risk model development team is very collaborative and people are friendly. The position is about model development, using knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and coding languages. The project we are doing is interesting.


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