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Gave valuable life skills and allowed me another side to the company business then just the services they offer. I also saw a lot of behind the scene things that people normally would not see and found everyday to be a learning experience which made this particular internship unique.
They offered lots of training and were able to help out when I had questions.

One of the best in...




I really lived the work dynamics inside the offices. No matter which branch I was working at the employees were always fun a friendly to work with! There was never a day where I was dreading seeing x coworker. Always happy to come say good morning to everyone and catch up before the morning rush would come!


Fidelity Canada


My favourite part of the internship was meeting and networking with other individuals in the company. As a student here you are given meaningful and challenging work which really helps you to determine your future career path. I have enjoyed learning, networking and making connections. The students are treated exceptionally here and really invest in your development. Thank you Fidelity!


RBC Royal Bank of Canada

I'm so confused as to what this text box means

Going to the networking events and how it was close to home. I live in Richmond Hill....................................................................................................................


Rogers Communications Inc.

Incredible Co-op with Rogers!

I loved my co-op at Rogers!!! I was very very impressed at how Rogers handled their co-op program. At first I wasn't really sure if I was going to fit in, but it was almost the perfect place for me. The culture and vibes in the office were exactly what I was looking for (positive, encouraging and passionate).


TD Bank

Excellent Experience

The opportunity to actually take on important tasks, being accountable for something that requires great responsibility.

I was working on fulfilling the business reporting requirements, it requires both quantitative and qualitative skills.

I was able to schedule a meeting to discuss my progress every week with manager and receive constructive feedback.


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